SoCal Wax Services

Since the birth of our Company back in 2007, we pride ourselves in only offering our customers top quality services. As Authorized Distributors of over 53 different manufacturers all across the USA and abroad, including Paint giant Akzo Nobel and with a total of over 20 years of experience in theAutomotive Paint and Detailing industries, you can rest assured that we will always be miles ahead from any other paint care provider.

As a Chemical company, we also spend enormous time on R&D, testing new formulas and constantly trying out new products. We are proud to only choose those chemicals that perform the absolute best on our clients’ investments.

What is Paint Correction?

Prior to any paint correction, we will measure the thickness of your paint. We will inspect your paint with special paint correction lights. We will also measure the gloss of your paint during its current state and propose the best "approach" to properly:

1. Perform a safe paint correction by not removing too much clear coat
2. Remove any oxidation and as many imperfections as possible
3. Prepare the clear coat for a sealant or ceramic coating of your choice
4. Adjust the levels of the Paint Correction to best meet your budget We start by decontaminating the surface to remove any "foreign" material, environmental fallout, iron deposits or water spots. After all painted surfaces have been prepped, we begin our stages of correcting
the paint to achieve the highest possible gloss and a swirl-free finish.


We offer a wide variety of Coatings to precisely fit your needs and budget:

1. Quartz Ceramic Coatings: As an Authorized Distributor for some of the biggest names in the Detailing world, we offer the application of Si02, Silicon Carbide, Graphene, Polysilazane coatings from big names such as FEYNLAB® USA, Carpro, Gyeon, Nanoskin and others. These coatings have a lifespan of 1 to 5 years depending on the package/product you choose. If you are looking for a cost-effective mainstream solution that will yield a brilliant shine for years to come, this may be the perfect package for you! Proper maintenance is required.

2. Acrylic Ceramic: This is our exclusive formulation used in many industries, including aviation. Our resin-infused ceramic coating is applied with a Dual Action polisher and once properly cured, it will bond to the painted surface for up to 5 years offering a show car super slick & high gloss finish and extreme protection against the elements. Proper maintenance is required.

3. Permanent Self-Leveling & Self-Healing: This is the next generation of Hyper Quartz Elastomeric Carbon coatings offering up to 10 years of service life forming a permanent bond with the surface. They offer incredible chemical resistance; almost full scale 1-14 pH levels, maximum thermal resistance up to 1500 degrees Celsius (2700 Fahrenheit), they are self-healing & leveling of light scratches with the influence of heat and include exceptional hydrophobicity, oleophobicity, smoothness and slickness. These coatings require a tedious application method in an enclosed and temperature-controlled environment, they cure with the use of IR (infrared) lamps at certain temperature and depending on the layers and project, they can take up to 3 days to complete. As Authorized Installer and exclusive Reseller of FEYNLAB® USA and UK’s Titan Coatings, this is our PLATINUM package of coating you will not find anywhere else. Products suitable for PaintProtection Film. Available for Marine use with a 3-year under water warranty. Proper maintenance is recommended.

Paint Protection Film

We offer full Paint Protection Film packages from door cups and door edges, partial or full front, to full coverage using the industry’s finest films that are backed up by a 7-year manufacturer warranty.