Our Detailing kits.

We know detailing can be difficult. That's why we made these kits! Browse our selection below to find the right kit for you.

wash and wax kit

Wash & Wax Kit is used to clean the car and protect the paint for up to 1 month. Carnauba Spray Wax will also yield a very nice warm shine on the paint!

Our concentrated Wash and Gloss Soap thoroughly cleans even heavily soiled vehicles. Our PH balanced formula creates rich suds that rinses easily and works perfectly with foam cannons or a good old fashioned bucket. Also contains a special polymer blend for a high gloss finish.

Iron Remover is a neutral PH cleaner with a color indicator with a color indicator designed to effortlessly remove wheel dust and iron from paint.Safe for wheels, paint, trim, chrome, aluminum, and windows.Shake Well! Spray Directly to the surface or to a dry microfiber towel wipe off excess to a clean.

Our premium Tire Shine Spray is specially formulated to prevent fading and cracking on exterior rubber and plastic surfaces, leaving a fantastic high gloss shine for that "just dressed" tire look. Our solvent-based dressing is California VOC compliant so you can dress your tires with long lasting results, without compromising on safety.

If you're tired of getting tire shine residue on your hands, the Work Stuff Clean Hands Tire Shine Applicator is the answer. Apply even layers of tire dressing easily, while keeping your fingers clean.

Mirror gloss kit

Mirror Gloss Kit is the ULTIMATE in protection and high-gloss showroom finish. Everyone can achieve these results by following a few simple steps.

Liquid Carnauba Wax was created to outperform traditional paste waxes, our high-grade product waxes your vehicle with ease even in direct sunlight or hot weather! Effortless application and removal requires no elbow grease, and can be applied even in direct sunlight or hot weather!

Carnauba Spray Wax is a high grade Carnauba spray wax that can be applied directly to wet or dry surfaces with ease. Carnauba Spray Wax works like a detail spray, but with the shine and protection of a hand applied wax.

Ceramic Diamond Shield is a revolutionary micro polymer sealant blended with the highest quality ultra-violet protection. It bonds instantly to the surface, forming a protective barrier from environmental contaminants for a durable finish. Ceramic Diamond Shield can be applied with a machine using a fine foam pad with a dual action polisher or applied by hand, in small sections over the surface with a soft applicator. Let product dry to a mild haze. Buff haze off with a soft cloth or fine foam polishing pad.

decon and seal kit

Use this kit to decontaminate the paint from fallout and contaminants in the atmosphere plus give your car some protection. This kit like all our products, are made in Southern California, carefully crafted with the highest quality ingredients and exclusive formulas. 

The Clay Bar and Clay lubricant work together perfectly to get contaminants off your car before applying protection. You may need to use the Iron Remover depending on paint health to help the paint before applying Dimond Shield, or Ceramic Spray Sealant.

Ceramic Spray Sealant protects your car from the elements with our liquid High Gloss Spray Sealant! Provides a ceramic coating boost, UV ray protection, and an ultra glossy finish. Formulated with quartz and 16-20% SiO2 Silica glass per 16 oz - a significantly higher ratio than other brands - giving your car a deep shine and water-shedding protective shield. Use every 4-5 months as part of your DIY car detailing routine.
Start by shaking it well. Spray Directly onto a clean, dry, cool surface in small sections. Using a microfiber towel, wipe in evenly, turning the towel frequently. Two applications (45 minutes apart) are recommended for maximum gloss and protection.

Leather Cleaning kit

Leather Kit is used to clean, hydrate & nourish the leather with rich moisturizers. Provides UV protection and the distinct scent or REAL leather that our customers love and keep coming back for more!

Our Leather Cleaner is engineered to carefully clean and preserve leather and vinyl surfaces and simple to use for your car detailing needs. Doubles as the cleaning kit for your sofa, purse, travel bag, boot and shoes.

Our Leather Conditioner is a combination of essential oils and conditioners, formulated to leave a soft, supple finish. Rejuvenate and polish your leather to its original flexibility and luster, leaving the pleasant scent of new leather.

You can view our product demonstrations here Watch & Learn!

Interior detailing kit

Interior Kit is used to clean all plastic surfaces of the interior and provide UV protection. This is not a heavy-duty cleaner, but more of a mild cleaner. For very soiled areas, we recommend our Citrus All Purpose Cleaner (recommendation). Glass cleaner will clean the glass.

Spray away the smudges, rain spots, and dust with our Streak Free Glass Cleaner! Our professional grade formula will thoroughly clean your car, home, or office to a perfect shine.

Clean up the everyday dirt and grime inside your vehicle with our Cleaner & Protectant! Provides that new-car clean feeling and pleasant scent plus a UV shield for lasting protection.
Our premium water-based cleaner is specially formulated and safe for plastic, rubber, vinyl, and leather! Leaves a high gloss finish without the greasy feel.
Spray a microfiber towel or brush, then work into the surface. Let sit for 1-3 minutes, then wipe excess with a clean cloth. As a precaution, do not use on a fabric car seat, carpet upholstery, suede, motorcycle seats, or dashboard vehicle controls.