Our Story

Out of our love for CLEAN cars we started a brand to create essential car detailing products. Those products performed beyond our expectations and turned our business into a brand of premium products.

With West Coast vibes, where clean cars embody the Southern California lifestyle, our mission is to make detailing simple, fun, and above all provide amazing results.

More about who we are

Operating out of our shop in Murrieta, California we have been selling detailing products for over 30 years. We always felt that some of the products we carried were never up to the standards of what we felt our customers deserved. So, we decided to do something about it...

We are launching our site with products that we have created, tested, and loved ourselves for the past 15 years. Now, we are ready for the world. Our approach to product testing is rigorous and designed around creating detailing products that are easy to use and provide amazing results.

Detailing can be very challenging as two projects are never the same. Our promise to you is that we stand 100% behind our products and we will educate you on how to become a better, more efficient and industry proficient Detailer.

Need some help with where to start?

You can watch how we detail our cars and find out what products you need in order to get started.

Ready to detail? We got you

We've put together kits to make it easy for you to detail your vehicles. It's simple: find the right kit for the right job.