CR Spotless High Output Wall Mounted De-Ionizing System

CR Spotless High Output Wall Mounted De-Ionizing System

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CR Spotless

High Output Wall Mounted System


300 Gallon Output

The DIW-20 provides approximately 300 gallons of mineral-free, de-ionized water based on your water input quality. It consists of two 20 inch de-ionization housings that feature replaceable and/or refillable cartridges that simply slide into the watertight tubes. This unit is designed to be mounted on the wall and comes with pre-drilled mounting holes.

SHIPS COMPLETE, READY-TO-USE with two 20-inch de-ionizing resin cartridges hose connectors, battery operated water purity indicator and nozzle.

CR Spotless offers a portable de-ionized water filtration system that enables you to wash your car, RV, boat or motorcycle with spot-free, professional results. It saves time and effort giving you a true spotless car wash in your home. No towel drying is needed! Just wash, rinse, your done!

The CR Spotless de-ionized water filtration systems are great for:

-- Automobiles and Trucks, and SUV's: Keep your personal vehicles clean and spotless. Just rinse after every wash, or between washes, to remove the dust.

-- RV's: Imagine the time and effort that you will save by eliminating the need for hand drying these large vehicles. This product will truly reduce your work load.

-- Boats: Reduce the build up of water lines and deposits while keeping your water craft clean and spot free.

-- Motorcycles: De-ionized water eliminates the need for store bought purified or drinking water applications on all of that chrome.

-- Household Windows: Keeping your house windows clean is now significantly less time consuming, and easier. Spotless Water System's de-ionized rinse will allow your windows to have that professionally cleaned look with a fraction of the effort.

--Industrial Applications: Cleaning & Degreasing steel, aluminum, & plastic parts.

--Solar Panels: Keep those solar panels operating at max efficiency by cleaning them and rinsing with pure di water.

--Utility and Industrial Trucks: Great for cleaning large trucks and vans.

--Deep Cycle/Industrial Battery Make Up Water: Use the DI water produced by the CR Spotless System™ to top off and refill your batteries.


What is a “spot-free” rinse? Water contains Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium and other minerals. So-called “water spots” are actually caused by the minerals that are left behind when “dirty” water evaporates. De-ionization removes all of these minerals so there is nothing left to spot when pure water evaporates, leaving you with a “spot-free” finish.

What is De-Ionized Water? Deionization is a method used most often by laboratories to produce purified water on demand. All naturally-occurring water contains dissolved mineral salts. In solution, salts separate into positively-charged cations and negatively-charged anions. Deionization can reduce the amounts of these ions to very low levels through the process of ion exchange. Cations are removed by cation exchange resin. It replaces sodium, calcium, magnesium, and other cations with hydrogen ions (H+). This exchange produces acids which must be removed or neutralized by anion exchange resin. This is also why you must not use the system outside of its operating parameters or you could cause damage to your work surface. Two general types of anion resin are used for deionization: weak base resin and strong base resin. Weak base resin adsorbs strong acids, while strong base resin exchanges chloride, sulfate and alkaline anions for hydroxide ions (OH-). The hydrogen ions from the cation exchange process combine with the hydroxide ions from the anion exchange process to form water (HOH or H2O). Because the deionization process is so effective, the water quality is usually measured by the water's resistance to electric current (in OHM-cm). The end result is purified water that won't leave mineral deposits - water spots - on your car!

Do I have to use a restrictor? Yes, you need to keep the flow rate of the water at about 2 to 2.5 gallons per minute or less to allow the resin to thoroughly clean the water. Using the supplied garden spray nozzle on either the Flat (Fan) or the Center setting will restrict the flow properly. Pressure washers do a great good at restricting the flow as long its gpm does not exceed 2.5.

How does it work? As the water passes through the resin all the spot causing minerals in the water cling to the resin beads and the clean water continues on to provide spot free water.

Will it remove my wax? No, it will not remove your wax and you do not have to worry about tiny scratches cause by drying towels or chamois.

Will the resin go bad if I don't use it? Yes it is possible. After long periods of non-use there is a possibility that algae can form and foul the resin. If it is going to set for a long period of time with out use (60-90 days) we suggest that you remove the resin cartridges, allow them to drip dry and dry the inside of the blue housings to prevent algae growth.

Do I need to use a special soap? No, just use your normal soap and make sure you rinse thoroughly wherever water can be trapped.

Can I drink the water? No, please do not drink the water. Pure water has no nutritional value.

Can I hard plumb it into my house? No, it can harm some of your interior household plumbing.

The system is all hooked up but no water is coming out? The resin cartridges are in upside down. The white cap goes at the bottom of the blue housing.

The meter does not seem to be working. It only shows all zeros? That is perfect, the meter will read 000 for 95% of the resins life expectancy. Once you start to see numbers, it will increase rapidly.

The meter reads “Err”. Re-seat the meters wire harness in the top of the meter.

Does the resin have a shelf life? Yes, the resin has a shelf life of approximately 18 months before it will start to lose effectiveness.

How do I store the system? If you are not going to use the system for a couple of months please drain the water out of the system and let the resin cartridges drip dry. Place the resin cartridges in a cool dry area.

**Item has a 2-3 day handling time**

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