Sonax Premium Paint Cleaner

Sonax Premium Paint Cleaner

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Premium Class Paint Cleaner


250ml (8.45 FL OZ)

  • The Optimum abrasive polish for preparation of a paint surface

SONAX Premium Class Paint Cleaner is a Silicone-free paintwork cleaner that safely and effectively degreases the paint surface and removes smear films caused by silicone, oil and wax deposits.

SONAX Premium Class Paint Cleaner is ideal for the care and maintenance of scratch-resistant ceramic clear coats. It will considerably increase the durability of a follow-up sealing or protecting treatment (i.e. SONAX Premium Class 100% Carnauba Wax).


Wash the vehicle using Sonax Gloss Shampoo with plenty of clean water. Completely dry the vehicle with a soft towel or chamois. Shake bottle well before use. Apply a small amount onto an application sponge. Apply the Sonax Premium Class Paint Cleaner with the sponge, polishing the surface using medium pressure. Always treat partial sections during process. After a short time, polishing will become more difficult signaling the surface has been removed of wax and contaminants. For a deeper shine and better result, reapply another small portion of Sonax Premium Class Paint Cleaner and repeat the polishing process. Wipe off residue with a soft, microfiber cloth. Due to the deep cleaning, the glossy paintwork will feel a little dull. The paint surface is now ideally prepared for a wax treatment, using Sonax Premium Class Carnauba Care.

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