CS-II Nano-1 Alfa 45 Rim Coating

CS-II Nano-1 Alfa 45 Rim Coating

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Alfa 45 Rim Coating

45% SiO2

50 ml

Alfa 45 is a hydrophobic and durable rim coating that easily retains the appearance of a vehicle’s rims. Rims reinforced with Alfa 45 are considerably easier to maintain and do not contain distinct features from ordinary rims.

There are significant benefits to using Alfa 45. Being an excellent repellent, treated rims are resistant to dust and grime. As such, Rims treated with Alfa 45 are resistant to surface damage, marking, or staining caused by pollution and organic contaminants such as dust, road salt, erosion or spotting.

Made in the United States, Alfa 45 is certified 4H pencil abrasion tested. The binding chemical contained in Alfa 45 creates a protective film that repels dirt and leaves a glossy finish when combined with its partner, the stabilizing chemical. Simple to apply and resilient, Alfa 45 is the perfect solution for all rims, even painted ones.

Includes: Applicator, Cloth and Glove


Before Application:

Any paint restoration must be performed before the application. Optimal conditions before application would be having no wax or silicon containing compounds previously applied on the car. Wash and dry surface before application. Use silicon removal to remove previously applied wax from paint surface. To ensure compatibility, test on an inconspicuous area before application. Additional towels may be required depending on wax / tar deposits.


Cover a small section evenly by wiping on. Buff off the coating immediately after completion of initial coating. Immediately after application to a section, gently buff to a gloss with a dry microfiber towel. Do not allow product to fully dry in high temperatures. Any "touch ups" of missed spots should be done after initial layer has been buffed.


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