SM Arnold 16" SpeedyStik

SM Arnold 16" SpeedyStik

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SM Arnold

Speedy Stik Premium Wheel Cleaning Brush


16" Long with 9" of super-soft fabric all around

  • Cleans away brake dust and road grime.
  • Great for hard to reach areas and tight spots.
  • Use with any CORDLESS Drill.

SpeedyStik Premium Wheel Cleaning Brush is the perfect tool to clean wheels... no elbow grease necessary. SpeedyStik cleans away brake dust and road grime from your vehicle's wheels quickly and easily. SpeedyStik features a strong, flexible non-marring plastic rod and durable, super-soft fabric strips thin enough to work well in fairly tight spots. SpeedyStik is designed to be used with a CORDLESS Drill.

To use, simply dip the SpeedyStik into a bucket of soapy water, apply the super-soft fabric to the wheel surface, engage the CORDLESS Drill and allow SpeedyStik super-soft cloth to gently scrub away any brake dust and debris all the way to the back of the wheel. The SpeedyStik cuts down the time required to clean wheels to just minutes.

Instructions for Use:

  1. Rinse the wheel with a strong spray of water to remove loose dust and debris.
  2. If desired, spray your favorite wheel & tire cleaner thoroughly on the wheel, making sure to get the back side of the wheel.
  3. Insert SpeedyStik into a CORDLESS Drill and tighten securely. DO NOT USE A CORDED ELECTRIC DRILL - BODILY HARM MAY RESULT IF DRILL OR CORD COMES IN CONTACT WITH WATER. If equipped, set the clutch on the CORDLESS Drill to a low setting. Dip the SpeedyStik in a bucket of soapy water to lubricate the cleaning strips.
  4. Insert SpeedyStik into the opening of the wheel and onto the barrel of the wheel, then activate the drill so the SpeedyStik spins. Gently apply pressure so the cleaning fabric on the SpeedyStik is touching the wheel. Let the SpeedyStik do the work.
  5. Rinse wheels thoroughly with a strong stream of water to reveal the cleanest wheel you've ever seen!

User Tip: Frequently dip the SpeedyStik in soapy water to keep the fabric lubricated.


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