Lake Country 7.5 Inch Blue Tufted Foam Finishing Pad

Lake Country 7.5 Inch Blue Tufted Foam Finishing Pad

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Lake Country

Tufted Foam Pads

Blue Finishing Foam Pad - 7.5 inch


What is Tufted Foam?

Lake Country's patented design features hundreds of tiny "foam fingers" that are tufted into the backing material in a manner similar to a wool pad.

  • Increased Buffing Surface - Design of "foam fingers" provides over 9 times the contact area of a comparable sized foam pad.
  • Reduced Heat and Polish Buildup - Independent "foam fingers" improve air flow throughout the pad which reduces heat and polish buildup, resulting in a swirl-free finish.
  • Improved Handling - Buffs like a wool pad without the lint. Manufacturing process assures balanced, durable pad every time.

Blue Finishing Foam Pad - Soft, high density foam for finishing


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