EZ Products Little EZ Detail Brush

EZ Products Little EZ Detail Brush

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EZ Products

Little EZ Detail Brush


13" long x 2.5" wide

  • Soft nylex bristles
  • Bonded tip
  • Vinyl coated wire

EZ Detail brushes are the most versatile wash tools ever! They allow fast and easy access to nooks and crannies without scratching. You will find hundreds of applications around your garage, shop and home!

Perfect for motorcylces, automobiles, boats, bicycles, airplanes, ATV's and so much more!

The EZ Detail brush has soft, chemical resistant nylex bristles to safely loosen dirt with your favorite wheel cleaner without scratching. The bristles are extremely flexible, allowing the brush to reach even the tightest spaces. They have a memory design so they always go back to their original form. The tip is covered in vinyl and the area between the handle and the bristles is wrapped in rubber to prevent any scratching when bumped against the surface being cleaned. The shaft of the brush is coated in vinyl and is flexible to allow bending to get into those hard to reach areas. A rubber knuckle guard protects your hands while reaching into tight areas.


  • First rinse off dust, dirt or mud from the area where the brush will be used.
  • Use with warm or hot water and quality soap.
  • Clean grease and oil off the bristles with hot water and soap or a solvent.
  • If the bristles become misshaped, rinse the brush with hot water and hang dry.
  • Avoid excessive bending of the stem wire.
  • Discontinue use if the protective tip or wire coating becomes lost or damaged.
  • Never use on hot surfaces, bristles will melt.


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